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is a nationalist political party formed by citizens who are concerned that our beloved country is being led towards a negative and destructive direction by the current regime.

We solemnly observe that:

  1. Lawlessness has increased (especially among black communities),
  2. Crime is on the rise, including robberies, burglaries, rape, murders, violence against women and children, and government corruption.
  3. Safety standards are low leading to increased roads, mining and industrial fatalities.
  4. Poor law enforcement in many areas of concern including municipal by-laws.
  5. Government’s inability to solve the huge unemployment problem facing South Africa and failure to build the economy.
  6. Cost of living in South Africa is gradually becoming unaffordable.

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BSA objectives in a nutshell:

  1. Protection and promotion of South African manufacturers.
  2. Create global market advantage for South African agricultural produce.
  3. Enhance crime prevention by tackling crime through innovative technologies.
  4. Fight poverty and unemployment by promoting establishment and nurturing of small businesses and agricultural enterprises throughout the country.
  5. Improve general standard of living by investing heavily in infrastructure development as in roads, rail, telecommunications and health facilities.
  6. Improve government competency through monitored performance evaluation involving the citizenry.

A Vision For The Future

We seek to transcend the ‘liberation struggle’ form of governance and establish a ‘civil co-operation’ attitude in South Africa.

We want to contribute to creating a future where our country and its people are prioritized. South Africa is for South Africans and it should be the duty of fellow compatriots to take care of one another to create comfortable sustenance for all. We want to champion positive social, economic and political change.

It is time for ordinary men and women; young and old, to stop being quiet and not be guilty of doing nothing. And we want to strongly encourage and promote active individual involvement in bringing about positive change.

We, passionate compatriots have decided to amass support of fellow citizens to raise a political voice and address the following issues (though not exclusively).


2019 Election Targets:

Build South Africa (BSA) intends to contest the 2019 national elections. As a new party and due to the fact that our message is being well received by the communities at large, we are targeting a minimum of 1’500’000 voters. Our target is mainly the disgruntled voter who boycotts elections because he/she have lost hope in the mainstream parties. 53% of South African electorate falls in that category. If BSA can get 60% of those voters, it will become a forceful factor in South African politics. Our immediate aim is to neutralize the political landscape whereby no party gets a two-thirds majority in parliament. Thus creating an environment of interdependence & responsible governance.

BSA also intends to contest all municipal elections in 2021.


You Can Make South Africa a Better Place

Support BSA with your time & resources.

For donations see Contact Us.


Don’t Forget to Vote!

The term of the National Assembly is 5 years. The last general election was held on 7 May 2014, and the term of the National Assembly therefore ends on 6 May 2019, but the National Assembly remains competent to function from the time it is dissolved or its term expires, until the day before the first day of polling for the next National Assembly.

When the National Assembly’s term expires (or if it is dissolved), the President must call and set dates for an election, which must be held within 90 days of the date the National Assembly was dissolved or its term expired.

Therefore if the National Assembly is not dissolved before 6 May 2019, the election must be held by 4 August 2019.

A proclamation calling and setting dates for an election may be issued before or after the expiry of the term of the National Assembly. – Wikipedia

National Assembly's term expires in








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